We have all done it.  Hire the service that uses some chemical based solutions we just assume are fine.  They  arrive with their “truck mounted” machines, dragging long dirty hoses throughout your home. Scuffing up the corners of your nicely painted walls and operating a extremely noisy contraption until they leave. Only to leave you with wet carpet for days afterward.

At OrganiDry we saw a need for a different type of carpet cleaning, one that wouldn’t take days or even hours to dry. Unlike most carpet cleaning processes, which are done through water-extraction, OrganiDry uses a special technique that allows for faster drying times.Green_Seal_Certified

  •  No harmful chemicals. Every product is Eco-Friendly.
  • “No Noise” machinery.
  • Dries within minutes!

Here at OrganiDry we offer a better method of cleaning with new technology. We use Green Seal Approved products, and have your home ready for use within minutes! Plus we offer this service at a better price than traditional carpet cleaning companies … how could you not love that?!

Give us a call and let us show you how amazing our service is.